It’s all meant to be fun!

Who me?  I didn’t do anything…  This is the new girl in Womble’s family.  I am still trying to figure her out.  When I met her, she was totally in my face all of the time.  She sure is a cutey, but Sheesh!


I am taking my human for a walk.  I wait patiently (really).  I am always the first one ready to go.

Time with my Grandpaw

“Tell me the story again Grandpaw about the time you got in trouble when you were growing up…”

Visualize success…


I live and work in Saskatoon.   I do water-work even though I do not always like it.  This is me with my best sister ever Rogue.  She is much better at water-work than me and she doesn’t have to try very hard.  Not fair!

My favorite occupation is doing agility.  My human likes agility too, he is just kind of a slow learner.   I am working on being a better trainer because half the time the mistakes we make could be avoided if I would have just spent more time teaching him how to do things better.

The other job that I do every single day is I get my human out for a walk.  Most days I do that twice.  Twice does not happen every single day, but I know it is good for him – so I try to make sure it happens.